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Mighty Bear Games raises $10M for Mighty Action Heroes

The CEO of Mighty Bear Games, Simon Davis, said that now the Singaporian firm intends to create a sequence of interactive triple-A Web3 gameplay that is unique, reasonable, and considerate.

Davis also stated that Mighty Action Heroes, the firm’s next Web3 video game, will be released in 2022. The video game seems to be a third-person playable big battle emphasizing enjoyment, talent, and turmoil.

The boost comes after a remarkable time of expansion for the production company, which has quickly defined itself as the only trusted partner for the world’s biggest IPs and framework holders, with interactive, multi-platform gameplay like Butter Royale or Disney Melee Mania within its buckle.

Davis stated that the corporation was pleased with the results of Buttle Royale or Disney Melee Mania with Apple Arcade. Mighty Bear Games operates on this video game with neither Disney nor Apple.

The gameplay will likely have 60 gamers competing against each other, with just a browser-based edition first and then smartphone versions. It will also be available on multiple platforms. Davis stated that the game could have a vibrant experience and an emphasis on e-sports videogames.

The general public is still resisting NFTs.

Davis concurred that titles that use NFTs and blockchain to verify distinctive virtual content have disappointed players. Gamers perceive the games to be gimmicky or fraudulent, and Davis wishes Mighty Bear could perhaps alter that.

NFT titles will ultimately be acknowledged as a sales model like free titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and Clash of Clans.

Usual fiat money, card payments, and cryptos can all be used by players. This enables the business to attain the broadest possible audience.

Based on the publisher’s expert knowledge in creating genre-defining adventures from the ground up, Mighty Bear is fixated on removing traditional restrictions on blockchain videogames to involve both non-crypto users and crypto users’ communities, according to Davis. He believes that the producer’s games, a play-and-earn method in Web3, would be enjoyable and equitable, defining the new wave of videogames by letting players enjoy truly satisfied with their skill-based gaming.

The business has managed to sell its items, which gives holders a greater voice in the environment’s coming years. The business isn’t just working on one title. It envisages an entire set of games. As a core component of its system, the business has been developing back-end technology for years. Owners of the items will receive advantages once the project is finished.

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