You can find below the most popular NFT games below. The play to earn concept has spread around the NFT games, which make it a great way of making extra income. NFT games play to earn are the next level on NFTs. Most of these NFT games require an initial investment, but you will also find a lot nft games free to play below.

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NFT Games for Playing and Investing in 2022

In the last year or two, we have witnessed some profound developments in the field of NFT games. NFT games are threatening to completely disrupt the gaming industry. The play-to-earn concept is proving almost impossible to resist for many players and the best NFT games titles are gaining popularity and players rapidly.

The Play-to-Earn concept isn’t exactly new but was largely theoretical until blockchain and especially NFTs appeared. It was those technologies that unlocked the full potential of P2E gaming and allowed developers to exploit it fully. Players jumped at the chance to utilize their gaming skills and combine their entertainment with the possibility of earning some hard cash in the process. All of a sudden, the market was flooded with P2E titles and people who weren’t paying close attention to the developments felt out of the loop. To help them, we have created this handy overview of the best NFT games to play and invest in 2022.

Best NFT games 2022 – Our top pick

  1. Battle Infinity – Crypto P2E sports metaverse
  2. Lucky Block – Crypto Lottery / e-gaming concept
  3. Girls, Robots, Dragons – Premium fantasy (and sci-fi) nft card game
  4. Silks – Equestrian NFT Game
  5. Battle of Guardians – Real-time Fantasy Multiplayer NFT Game
  6. Revvracing – Racing NFT Game
  7. Splinterlands – Collectible Cards NFT Game
  8. The Sandbox – Metaverse NFT Game
  9. Axie Infinity – Monster Collecting NFT Game
  10. Sorare – Football NFT Game
  11. Bomb Crypto – Bomberman action-like NFT Game

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You can read below more detailed information about each of these NFT games that are on our top 10 pick for the year of 2022.

Battle Infinity – P2E Sports themed Cryptoverse

Battle Infinity is the new crypto on the block, that promotes a well established cryptoverse for sports. With Battle Infinity, players can play each other on several fantasy sports, not only limited to football. You can build your own strategic team, battle with other players and win the stakes.

Users can create their own avatar, which can be upgraded later on in the battle market by using upgrades ranging from clothes to hair. Their Battle Stake feature allows users to stake their holdings by depositing on your Battle Infinity wallet and locking them for a period of time, which will give you extra benefits on the platform.

Players on Battle Infinity can buy and sell their gaming assets and characters in the IBAT marketplace, as well as selling their NFTs. The technology is run on the BSC blockchain, and each of the NFTs generated are unique to their owners.

All transactions are dealt via the Battle Swap decentralized exchange, which allows users to buy and transact their tokens directly, without needing a centralized exchange. It can be all done anonymously and it’s all integrated via the user’s wallet on the platform.

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Lucky Block – Crypto lottery

Lucky Block is a decentralized token used for playing online lottery games based on the BSC blockchain technology. The project is considered to be a one of a kind revolutionary approach to lottery games, as every player all over the world have the same chances of winning. Unlike regional lotteries, anyone can play the lucky block lottery, as long as they purchase the coin. 

The project is designed to leverage the power of new technologies built on the Binance Smart Chain to promote fairness and transparency of the lotto draw process. Since it’s built on blockchain, all transactions are available in public ledgers, ensuring that every player is treated the same. The platform is practically fraud-free, and all winners are chosen by chance.

Recently, the Lucky Block team has also launched their NFT called “Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT”, and this collection created a lot of hype amongst NFT and crypto collectors. Like the LBLOCK token, the Lucky Block NFT collection is also expected to increase in price during 2022 and beyond. If the NFT collection has the same success as the token, a $1,000 investment could potentially have a much higher return. 

Everyone Lucky Block Plantinum Rollers Club NFT holder gets lifetime entry to daily NFT lottery draws. The rewards range from cash prizes worth $10,000, and even cars such as Lamborghinis. The crew involved has a solid background, and has partners to back them up such as the Lead generation UK company Finixio, which shows great promise to the project. Lucky Block has also made it to TV shows and other media outlets. The story has been featured in the mirror and express, two of the biggest UK newspapers. The NFT collection is available on a new NFT marketplace called NFT Launchpad and its one of the top collections listed there. You can still get your NFT just in time, as the first draw happens on 31st of May. 

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Silks - Equestrian NFT game

If you ever had a dream of breeding racing horses or simply being involved in the sports, Silks is the game for you. The goal of the game is to get ordinary people involved with horse racing, something not many of us have a chance to do in real life. By leveraging thoroughbred horses and owners in blockchain, Silks aims at the democratization of the world of horse racing and breeding.

There will be four types of NFTs in the game, Racing Skills, Land, Stables, and of course, Horses. NFTs can be freely traded, bought, and sold among the players, creating a unique economy that transcends the game and has real-life earning potential. Each win of owners’ real horses can be translated into Racing Skills NFTs, giving the players an incentive to get involved with horse racing. This derivative approach is highly innovative and something we expect to see a lot more in the future of NFT gaming.

Battle of Guardians – Real-time Fantasy Multiplayer NFT Game

Based on the Unreal Engine, Battle of Guardians is a real-time multiplayer NFT game that combines excellent graphics with some amazing combat. The game is powered by the Solana blockchain, offering players a chance to earn money while battling it out against other people. Success in the Battle of the Guardians is heavily dependent on the players’ skill, which is preferable to relying on luck, especially when P2E gaming is concerned.

Battle of Guardians is mainly aimed at the PC crowd, although a mobile version for both Android and iOS is in the works. It takes place in a vast fantasy world which players get to explore and reveal its secrets. The premise of the game revolves around Guardians, ancient creatures that inhabited the game world eons ago. Their task was to protect and guide humanity, who worshiped them as gods. However, as time passed and humanity advanced, the fabled creatures were gradually forgotten and became little more than myths and legends. Until a genius scientist managed to open a portal to Hell.

As luck would have it, the experiment went terribly wrong and demons from Hell used the portal to invade the humans’ world. Soon, the entire human civilization was reduced to ruins. At that point, when all hope was lost, the Guardians returned to save humanity once more.

Players get to choose whether they want to play as humans, guardians, or demons. In a rock-paper-scissors arrangement, each race has its advantages and disadvantages and preferred tactics. The idea is to have players collect or craft various items in the form of NFTs, which then can be traded on the in-game market. NFTs can be traded for SOL, Solana’s native token, and eventually deposited into the player’s wallet.

Revvracing – Racing NFT Game

The world of moto racing offers some amazing possibilities for NFT games, and Revvracing does a great job at exploiting them. It is the latest addition to the REVV Motorsport universe, already populated with NFT games like MotoGP Ignition, Formula E: High Voltage, and F1 Delta Team, all developed by Animoca Brands. Revvracing is an arcade racing simulation game that lets players collect and trade NFT items like car parts, trophies, drivers and drivers’ items, and cars. Like other games in the REVV Motorsport universe, Revvracing uses REVV as its native token that is used for rewards and trading.

In Revvracing, players compete against each other in challenges, which are opened daily. Each challenge brings 70,000 REVV in rewards, distributed among players according to their finishing position. Each player has a set number of free races. Once they are spent, players have to pay a participation fee to enter the challenge. Cars come in different weight classes and different collections, each with a varying level of rarity (Common, Legendary, and Apex). They have attributes like acceleration, handling, and the top speed that determine how each of them behaves on the track.

If you lack confidence in your skills, you can use the feature called “Hire a Driver” and let someone else race your car. After the race, the potential reward is split between the owner of the car and the driver.

Revvracing was originally launched on Ethereum but soon switched to the Polygon network, as it offers more advanced features than Ethereum. Since Polygon is also Ethereum derivate, nothing really changed, except players now have more options at their disposal.

Splinterlands – Collectible Cards NFT Game

Splinterlands is one of the most popular NFT games on the market. The game revolves around collecting cards, each represented by an NFT based on the Hive blockchain. Launched in 2018, Splinterlands already has a huge following and a well-established players base.

The cards are divided into two groups, summoners and monsters. At the start of each match, the players choose one summoner to play with and can only use monsters from that summoner’s deck. Each summoner has its element, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon, and Neutral. Summoner’s element determines which monsters they can summon and the most effective battle tactics, as they provide significant bonuses to their monsters.

Players can get cards by winning matches. They can also buy, sell, trade, and even rent them. The main currency in Splinterlands is DEC, Dark Energy Crystals. DEC is a fully-fledged cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold at the game’s marketplace and even on several crypto exchanges. The game is very active, and the marketplace boasts thousands of transactions every day.

The Sandbox – Metaverse NFT Game

Many experts agree that the metaverse is the future of not only gaming but the Internet itself. If that is true, then Sandbox is in an excellent position to capitalize on that, as it is one of the best Metaverse NFT games around.

Sandbox started as an open-world mobile game in 2015. Over time, it went through several iterations, until settling on the metaverse NFT P2E concept in 2021. Using Minecraft-like graphics, the developers ensured that the game will be accessible even to players with average devices. Also like Minecraft, the game is open-ended, with no particular goal in mind, except those set by the players for themselves.

In Sandbox, players can create various items, use them to improve their character or trade them in the marketplace. Sandbox also features land in the form of NFTs, which is fairly expensive. At the moment, a plot of land in Sandbox will set you back around $11,000. Buying land is very popular in Sandbox, as it gives players a chance to become neighbours with some of the many celebrities that have already moved to the metaverse. It also represents a great investment, as the number of plots is limited and their value will grow in the future.

Axie Infinity – Monster Collecting NFT Game

Axie Infinity is probably one of the most successful NFT games so far, with projected sales of over $1 billion in 2022. A Pokémon clone, Axie Infinity is set in a world populated by cute, but powerful creatures called Axies. It is the player’s task to capture them, train them, and then pit them against other players’ monsters.

Each Axie is a unique NFT, which can be bought or sold on the open market. The game rewards its players for various tasks, including daily logins, battle participation, completing daily tasks, and winning PvP battles. The rewards are in the form of SLP – Smooth Love Potion – a native token of the game. SLP can be traded or exchanged for various items on the marketplace. They can also be sold for hard currency.

Axie Infinity is available on PC and mobile devices. Unfortunately, the game isn’t free to play, as it requires players to buy the initial set of three Axies to be able to join. Make sure you research your starting Axies thoroughly, as it will take a while before you are able to add a new one to your collection.

Sorare – Football NFT Game

If you ever collected footballers’ stickers, you are aware of just how much potential a football NFT game has. And not just when it comes to players, but playing matches and collecting various valuable items. That is exactly what Sorare does. It is a fantasy football NFT game that lets you assemble a team of your favorite players and see how they compare to other people’s teams.

When first creating an account, the player will be given 10 cards for free to start their team. Don’t hold your breath that you will get Messi or Ronaldo in the first draw, but you will get some decent players. After that, it is up to you. Assemble a team of five players, a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, a forward, and one bonus player of your choice. This allows you to reinforce any of the lines, defense, offense, or midfield, according to your squad’s strengths and weaknesses, or your playing style. You can also designate your team’s captain.

Once done, enter your team in one of many competitions available. Winning can get you worthy rewards, allowing you to buy better players and sell off the ones you don’t need anymore.

Sorare cards come in different rarities, depending on the skill of the player they represent. One of the great things about the game is that it is fully licensed, so you will get to play with real teams and real players, and not some no-name substitutes.

Bomb Crypto - Bomberman action-like NFT Game

Bomb Crypto is an NFT game inspired in the Super nes game Bomberman. Bomb Crypto was actually one of the most sought after NFT games, as they paid a huge amount of rewards when the project went live.

In order to play, users had to buy the native currency called BCoin, and access the game directly through the site. There, you would need to log in with your metamask wallet, and buy the bomber men NFT. Those NFTs had rarity equal to common, uncommon, rare, super rare and epic. The stronger or rarer it was, the better farm it would do.

The game consists in having your NFT character go around the map exploding chests and tiles which will clear the map. Every chest cleared grants you a reward equal to some BCoins.

What are NFT Games?

Nonfungible tokens (NFT) games are thriving and taking over the gaming sector as seen in the past 12 months. NFTs are unique digital collectibles that are powered by the blockchain. That feature makes them highly suitable for use in games as representations of consumables, characters, and other tradeable items.

NFT games have now become popular in the Game-fi world as a means of earning income. One can sell their in-game NFTs to the other players and collectors and even earn tokens with play-to-earn models. Whenever you are moving your gaming NFTs, always ensure that you transfer them to a compatible wallet.

Furthermore, look out for the common scams whenever you send the NFT to an NFT marketplace or any other users. Eventually, read all the rules carefully of any play to earn games you play to determine any chance of loss.

How do NFT Games work?

NFT games are different from only holding crypto-collectibles in your wallet. An NFT game will use NFTs in its mechanisms, rules, and player interactions. For instance, a game can represent your unique character or avatar as a nonfungible token.

The digital items that you find while you are playing the game may also be NFTs. You can then exchange or trade your NFTs with the other players for profit. A new play-to-earn model also enables the players to generate revenue from P2E Games.

How NFTs are technically implemented into a game environment? To create, swap, and implement NFTs within a game, the developers create smart contracts that make up the rules and regulations for the NFTs used. Smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code that are stored on a blockchain.

For instance, one of the first games with an NFT concept CryptoKitties has a small number of main contracts that structure the blockchain game. The most famous is their geneScience contract, which determines the random mechanics that generate new cats.

At first, the game developers kept the code a secret. The interested gamers even developed tools to help them analyze the odds of specific traits in cats turning up. With that information, the games could optimize their chances of creating a rare breed that is worth more than money.

How do NFT Games make money?

The amount of money that one can earn while playing an NFT game depends on a particular game’s mechanics and market demand. The money one makes comes from the other users who value the cryptos or NFTs earned in the game.

One needs to cash out by selling their goods on a market, exchange, or auction house. In the case of NFT games, value is derived from the NFT or token’s collectability or in-game utility. Notably, these two factors are known to also lead to speculation.

NFT Games Future Industry

The future looks very bright for Play to earn crypto games. The NFT Games are sought after for players who are looking to make money while they play. This P2E (play-to-earn) concept has spread around the gamer community, and the profile of people looking to start into NFT Games is not the same profile as crypto investors. You can see a lot of famous streamers, gamers, and even youngsters who are looking the best NFT Games to make money online.

Play to Earn Crypto Games

Let’s face it. Most of the people who look for games such as NFT Play to earn Crypto games are the people who want to make an additional revenue stream by gaming. Here you will be able to follow up on the newest trends and games coming out, as well as the gaming news which seem to cause an impact on the price of most of the crypto play to earn games.

A good thing is that you can actually play on the go. A lot of these P2E Games have been launched for more common platforms as well, and you can find many of the best NFT Android Games and iOS are NFT P2E crypto games.

Here you’ll be able to read biased reviews about these play to earn crypto games as well as find out how to play free online games to earn money and the best play to earn crypto games 2022.